Yiwu Punchy New Materials Research Institute Co., Ltd. focuses on the research and development of new functional polymer materials and industrial incubation. The enterprise legal representative and technical leader are the director, researcher and doctoral supervisor of the former energy and environmental protection new materials research center of the Institute of physical and chemical technology of the Chinese Academy of Sciences.
The company's early goal is to export sewage treatment technical services for the printing and dyeing industry to the downstream based on new functional polymer materials; Export the internationally initiated functional polymer materials and new cationic monomers to the upstream. The medium and long-term construction goal is to achieve significant leading results in the scientific and quantitative development of high-performance polymer materials, degradable packaging materials, 
  • Development
    Non toxic / Green / high performance / low cost
  • R & D
    Bonding strength / excellent initial bonding performance / good adhesive layer stability
  • Prospect
    Applied to oil pipeline in Alpine Area Contribute to the national energy strategy


Research and development of functional materials with polyacrylamide as the main body and its production technology

  • Environmentally friendly hydrosol
  • Hydrosol
  • Ecological Hydrosol
  • The removal rate of disperse dyes in printing and dyeing wastewater can reach more than 96%, which can greatly reduce the cost of factory wastewater treatment. After calculation, the cost can be reduced by more than 70%

  • It can greatly reduce the discharge of solid waste such as sludge. According to calculation, the solid waste can be reduced by more than 80%

  • It can greatly improve the quality of discharged sewage. It is estimated that the COD of discharged sewage can be reduced by 60% and the ammonia nitrogen content can be reduced by 50%

  • It can greatly improve the reclaimed water reuse ratio, further reduce the total amount of waste discharge and reduce the water cost of the plant

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