The corporate legal representative and technical leader are the former researcher and doctoral supervisor of the Institute of Physics and Chemistry of the Chinese Academy of Sciences. He has established the oil and gas development and energy environmental protection new material research and development center and served as the director, and enjoys the special allowance of the State Council.

The main purpose of the company is to research and develop functional materials with polyacrylamide as the main body and its production technology, including cationic polymer flocculants, high-efficiency sludge dehydrating agents, environmentally friendly adhesives, precision drug delivery microneedle patches, and degradable packaging materials Wait. At present, the development of two technologies of new environmentally friendly cationic polymer flocculant and water-based environmentally friendly adhesive has been completed.

The company's initial goal is to export wastewater treatment technology services for the printing and dyeing industry to the downstream based on new functional polymer materials, and to export the internationally first developed functional polymer materials and new cationic monomers to the upstream. The mid- and long-term construction goal is to achieve significant leading results in the scientific and quantification of high-performance polymer materials, degradable packaging materials, active ingredients of Chinese medicine, and the expansion of corresponding symptoms, and become a unique technology export organization in the above fields. , And become the industry research and development talent cultivation center and technology headquarters.

The company will focus on the industry incubation of its own research results, feed back technology research and development through technical service commissions and technology participation dividends, form a sustainable innovation development mechanism, and build new functional polymer materials with Pengzhiyou Institute as the technology center. Industrial clusters.