Hydrosol properties

Source: Punchy New Material ResearchRelease time: 2021-08-16

Aqueous gel and Hydrosol

Water based adhesive refers to the adhesive with water as the only solvent or dispersion medium. Commercially available waterborne adhesives or waterborne paints are coatings which are insoluble in water, contain organic solvents in the system, and remain stable under the action of surfactants or emulsion stabilizers. Although the volatile organic compounds (VOC) are greatly reduced compared with the adhesive with organic solvent as the dispersion medium, the volatilization of organic solvent still exists. Therefore, it is not an environmental friendly adhesive in the strict sense.

The raw materials of hydrosol are free of formaldehyde and other toxic and harmful components, and the products do not contain any volatile organic compounds, which can realize zero VOC emission. It is a kind of truly environmental friendly glue.

Environmental protection of pengzhiyou Hydrosol

Polyacrylamide is a polymer material that can be completely dissolved in water. The adhesive made of this material does not contain any organic solvent, has zero VOC emission and is highly environmentally friendly;

Polyacrylamide is a polymer material that can be effectively degraded in nature. The degradation products are CO2 and NH3, which is harmless to the environment.

Pengzhiyou hydrosol does not contain formaldehyde, heavy metals and other conventional adhesives, which usually contain or exceed the standard, so it is innovative in the field of environmental protection.

Safety of pengzhiyou Hydrosol

Polyacrylamide is a large-scale environmental protection material, and its safety is beyond doubt.

Pengzhiyou hydrosol does not add preservatives, heavy metals, antioxidants and other materials harmful to personal safety, with excellent use safety.

Adhesive properties of pengzhiyou Hydrosol

Polyacrylamide forms strong van der Waals force such as hydrogen bond with hydroxyl groups in cellulose molecular structure, and will never degumm once bonded.

The molecular weight of polyacrylamide is as high as tens of millions, and its huge molecular weight makes it extremely firm and firm once solidified.

Pengzhiyou business

Yiwu pengzhiyou New Materials Research Institute Co., Ltd. focuses on the research and development of new functional polymer materials and industrial incubation. The company's early goal is to export sewage treatment technical services for the printing and dyeing industry to the downstream based on new functional polymer materials; Export the internationally initiated functional polymer materials and new cationic monomers to the upstream. The medium and long-term construction goal is to achieve significant leading results in the scientific and quantitative development of high-performance polymer materials, degradable packaging materials, effective components of traditional Chinese medicine and the expansion of corresponding symptoms, become an international unique technology export organization in the above fields, and become an industry R & D talent cultivation center and technology headquarters.